Combo Brows

Combination Brows does just that, by combining microblading and ombré tattoo methods to create an even more defined and fuller shape than microblading alone, while gentler and less dramatic than the ombré brow technique.

Eyebrow Tattooing

Fuller eyebrows are an ideal way of giving definition and shape to your face. Eyebrow tattooing creates an attractive fullness to eyebrow hair through semi-permanent pigment placed in sweeping strokes beneath the top layer of the skin.

Eyebrow tattoos are highly suitable if you have light hair or suffer from mild hair loss or Alopecia. Set aside the makeup, save time, foster your well-being and boost your self-confidence by giving your face the visual appearance of brows without the daily hassle.

While paler pigments achieve a more natural eyebrow tattoo, the colour can be varied to suit your desired finish. Bring along some images for the look you would like.

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