Lash Enhancement

The gaps between the lashes are ‘filled in’ with pigment to create the illusion of full lashes. You can choose between top or bottom, or you can get both.

Eyeliner Tattooing

Create the look you want– thin line, thick line, winged or lash line enhanced.  We use semi-permanent eyeliner to fill in visible gaps between eyelashes. This creates an illusion of fuller and thicker lashes, intensifies eye shape and gives more definition.

Eyeliner or lash line enhancement is highly recommended for those with a busy, active lifestyle. Perfect too for those of you who prefer a lighter coverage of makeup or none at all. If you want subtlety over drama or a super natural look, we suggest lash line enhancement.

Choice of pigment colours available to suit all ages and styles: brown, ebony, grey and black.

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