What is Permanent Makeup?

These cosmetic treatments are a form of tattooing, achieved by implanting pigments into the upper dermis layer of the skin with a specially designed tool.

Are there any benefits from having Permanent Makeup?

Saves time

Helps you look your best at all times

Gives you confidence in your makeup application

Corrects asymmetrical lips and brows

Remedies sparse or over plucked eyebrows

Provides a non-surgical eye lift

Enhances and freshens natural lines

Brings back fullness to your lip line

How ‘permanent’ are the treatments?

Cosmetic tattoos are considered semi-permanent, as they do fade over time. Some clients may require more frequent treatments than others. How often, depends on a number of factors:

Skin types are unique in terms of pigment retention and break down. For those with very oily skin, the microblade brow technique will not work as well. Your end result may look more powdered than you expect.

Lighter pigments fade faster If you are anaemic, as you metabolise the pigment faster, your Permanent Makeup may fade more quickly. Medications, such as for Thyroid, may cause pigments to fade faster.

Lifestyle effects, e.g. your amount of sun exposure. Smokers, your pigment will fade faster and the topical anaesthetics used during the treatment will not last as long.

Some cosmetic tattoos may only need to be touched up annually.

When skin is altered in a cosmeceutical procedure, including from an injection, there may be some degradation to the skin. This may well affect how a cosmetic tattoo holds in the skin.

Have you had any previous tattooing by other artists?

If so, prior work other than by Sasha Luxe artists may have resulted in some underlying scar tissue or pigment congestion. These may affect your healing outcomes and we cannot guarantee the retention of pigment.

How many sessions will I need?

This depends on the treatment. Multiple sessions are the norm. Every new procedure requires a minimum of 2 visits.

Is a Permanent Makeup treatment painful?

Keeping in mind that pain thresholds do vary, most clients say they experience only a little discomfort. Sensitivity levels may increase during menstruation.

How long is a treatment?

First application times:

Brows ≈ 2.5 hours

Eye Liner ≈ 2 hours

Lips ≈ 2.5.

What should I expect immediately after a treatment?

Expect some mild swelling and redness. Initially, the area will be darker than you expect. Give this a day or two to clear. During the first week the colour will lighten. Gradually, over the next few weeks,  this will settle and soften. We provide detailed after-care instructions. To get the best results, please follow them assiduously.

If you do experience any reactions, or have concerns after treatment, please contact us immediately for further consultation, an in case of an emergency please don’t hesitate to dial 000 for emergency assistance.

Is there a need for Follow up and Maintenance?

If the colour lightens more than you expected, we can darken or do a touch up with a second application. This will also help to ensure ongoing colour fastness. At Sasha Luxe follow ups are typically shorter and less expensive than any initial treatment done. The ideal time frame for a follow up visit is between 4-8 weeks post procedure.

Do you offer a free consultation?

At Sasha Luxe we offer a new client one free consultation, with no obligation to proceed.

During this introductory session you can expect an individual analysis of your facial shape, hair eye and skin colour. We will discuss what you would like to achieve from the end result, look at what makes you happy in terms of shape, design and colour, and give you the opportunity to discuss your medical issues and ask any questions. Let us know if you have/had any allergic reactions (e.g. to topical anaesthetics, or nickel, which is found in some pigments and needle heads).

How old do I have to be?

You have to be 18 or over. This is a legal requirement.

What should I bring with me?

Proof of age is required.

Due to current health and safety measures, we ask that you only bring yourself. Absolutely no guests please, one client per appointment only.

How should I prepare for a treatment?

Stop taking any blood-thinning products 72 hours before your treatment (e.g. aspirin, alcohol, fish oils) unless prescribed by your medical practitioner.

Allow a few days break from shaping or tinting your lashes or eyebrows.

Have a light meal or snack beforehand, but do not drink any coffee or alcohol.

You may drink anti-inflammatory medication before your appointment if you wish. This may help with pain and swelling.

Allow at least 2-3 hours for an initial procedure.

Don’t book a treatment too close to an important event.

What might prevent me from having a Permanent Makeup treatment?

If you are pregnant or a nursing mother, have Epilepsy, or have a viral infection or disease.

Please also consult your doctor first if you have:


An organ transplant

Or have had Chemotherapy treatment

An allergy, (e.g. to nickel)

A skin condition, irritation or Psoriasis near the treatment area (rash, sunburn, acne etc.)

Have a cold Sores.  Lip clients must take anti-virus medication prior to any lip procedure. Please consult your doctor for a prescription.

Have a cold, the flu, or another recent general illness

Had a Botox treatment in the past 2 months.

Are there any other circumstances that may prevent me from having a treatment?

Other contraindications* that suggest or indicate a particular treatment should not be done within a certain time frame are:

Botox or fillers: Have your Permanent Makeup procedure done at least 4 weeks before a Botox treatment, or wait ≈ 2 months after a Botox treatment

Eyelift, or eyelid surgery such as blepharoplasty: Wait for ≈ 3 months

Eyelash extensions: Must be done AFTER Permanent Makeup, not before. Or remove them before your procedure.

Lip clients with Cold Sores must take anti-virus medication prior to any lip procedure. Please consult your doctor for a prescription.

Shingles (varicella): Wait several months before having a Permanent Makeup procedure.

Any previous allergic reactions (e.g. to topical anaesthetics, or an allergy to nickel)

*We advise you to consult your doctor before any treatment to discuss your concerns.

What if I have had a permanent Brow treatment done elsewhere?

If your existing brow treatment is not 90% faded, our advice is to wait until this is so.

If you have existing permanent dark eyebrows you may wish to lighten the area first. Our advice here is to consider a form of tattoo removal beforehand. In this case you will need time to heal before undergoing anymore cosmetic Brow treatment.

Unfortunately at this moment at Sasha Luxe we do not offer any form of brow, lip or eyeliner corrections.

Do you have any further advice on how best I can prepare for a treatment?

Here is a Not To Do List!

No alcohol or coffee pre treatment

No aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E or Omega oils for at least 48 hours pre-treatment.

No tanning or facial sunburn

No waxing or tinting for at least 48 hours pre treatment

No wearing of lash extensions pre, during or post treatment. Do not use a lash curler. Please wait until your Eye Liner is completely healed. Buy new mascara.

When I arrive for my first treatment, what happens next?

On arrival we require that you follow the current Victorian Covid-19 guidelines*. You will also need to fill out a medical history form. We will then review the face analysis from your initial consultation, as well as our symmetry and pencil designs. To begin the procedure, we will apply a topical anaesthetic, which numbs the treatment area.

*Go to dhhs.vic.gov.au for the latest Covid-19 pandemic orders and related public restrictions (e.g on mask-wearing, vaccination requirements etc). These orders and restrictions change over time.

How do I book and how do I pay?

To make a booking simply follow the links to our online booking system. We value your safety. We value your comfort. So we require that you fill out and sign a client history and consent form, Confidential, of course. This information helps us with our own ongoing professionalism and is used for insurance purposes.

We will take a “before and after” picture of the treatment area for your client profile. As we represent our work on social media we will ask you to sign a consent form, as we may showcase your photos. If you do not wish your images to be used in this way, please let us know, we will understand.


Before making an appointment please keep in mind that all online bookings require a non-refundable and non-transferable deposit. This deposit goes towards the total price of your booking.


Please pay the remaining balance at your appointment (unless pre-paid in full). We also offer Afterpay.

Late arrivals

More than 30 minutes late to an appointment means you forfeit 100% of your deposit and a new appointment must be made if the technician doesn’t have enough time to complete your treatment without pushing the next appointment later.


Clients who need to reschedule their appointment to another date, and give Sasha Luxe 24 hour notice, may carry their deposit forward to the alternate appointment date.


Should a client cancel an appointment at any time,100% of the deposit will be forfeited. No exceptions. As a small business we rely on prompt payment. Thank you for your understanding.

What information do you keep on file?

We value your safety. We value your comfort. So we require that you fill out and sign a client history and consent form, Confidential, of course. This information helps us with our own ongoing professionalism and is used for insurance purposes.

We will take a “before and after” picture of the treatment area for your client profile. As we represent our work on social media we will ask you to sign a consent form, as we may showcase your photos. If you do not wish your images to be used in this way, please let us know, we will understand.

Points to remember

Give yourself time!

You must be 18 or over. This is the legal minimum age requirement.

Time to be treated

Make arrangements so you have a few hours free to be treated. Follow your after-care instructions carefully. Consult your doctor beforehand if you need to do so.

Time to heal

Give yourself some time out for any darkening, swelling and redness to disappear. Don’t book your treatment too close to a special or important event.

Over time

Expect your Permanent Makeup to fade over time. How long the pigment holds is affected by the ability of your body’s skin cells to absorb the pigment and to regenerate. Lighter pigments e.g. blonde fade faster than darker pigments.

When time fades your Permanent Makeup it’s time to book your next Sasha Luxe treatment.

MUST KNOW about Lip Blush, cold sores & infections

Lips cosmetic tattooing does not cause cold sores! However, if you carry the virus, it lays dormant in the nervous system and can be aroused by the infusion process. See a pharmacist and take some medication a few days prior to your appointment.

Infection may occur too. If either of these reactions happen, you may experience some blisters, have prolonged healing, and/or experience active hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation.

To prevent infections and cold sores, you must get some antiviral medication prior to the procedure.Your lips will be an open wound so it is important to keep them clean and cold sore free for optimal results.

How long should I wait between permanent make up facials/botox/chemical peels or microdermabrasion?

You should wait for 4 weeks after your selected treatments to get your semi-permanent makeup. Or 2 weeks after your makeup (just don’t forget about the touch up session).

Can you make my lips bigger?

A lot of our clients ask this question. I think it even deserves a Blog post of its very own! Simple answer is a Yes, and a No. Yes, because the treatment gives definition, shape and colour which ultimately creates a bigger lip look. However, with blush lips we do not tattoo over the border of your natural lip line. So, if you are concerned about lip volume, maybe we’ll need to add a little lip filler to the mix.

What if I have wrinkly lips?

We strongly recommend getting fillers prior to any lip blush. If you have darker lines in your lips after your lip blush treatment–where more ink is retained inside the wrinkles–then exfoliate the lips twice a week for 6 weeks. Using a lip scrub will help pare back any unpeeled skin.

Keep in mind there will be repair downtime. This is a process of before, after, and healed. We find that being fully informed beforehand helps ease client anxiety. You can also come back for a touch-up, and we will blend in any unpleasing parts.

Everything you must know about Dark Lip Neutralisation

Clients who wish to neutralise the darkness in their lipsfor a more even-toned colour to both top and bottom might consider Dark Lip Neutralisation. This series of treatments neutralises the existing lip colour in a unique and gradual process that works to both even-out lip tones and slightly brighten naturally darker lips.

Dark Lip Neutralisation could be a life-changing experience for clients who struggle with discoloured lips.

Lightening dark lips is controversial in permanent makeup/cosmetic tattooing, undeniably a sensitive issue around race, equality and injustice. While we are mindful that this treatment appears to be increasingly popular for those with melanin rich lips, our starting point is to be fully respectful of both culture and heritage.

Typically clients require between 2 and 3 sessions to achieve the desired results. Session 1-2 usually consists of the technician using warm orangey or sometimes yellow colours to neutralise the darker parts of the lips in to the same colour as the rest. Once the lips are all one tone, we can perform what we call a Lip Blush.


Early healing stage lasts for 5-7 days. Your lips should fully heal in around 6 weeks.

When the lips start to heal and peel off, they can go light or dark in some spots. Don’t worry…

The healing process of darkened lips can be uncertain. Sometimes clients’ lips become darker at the beginning and then lighten after a few weeks. Depending on how dark and hyperpigmented the lips are, we may take multiple sessions to neutralise the lips.

Sometimes clients may experience post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. This should go away after 5 to 6 weeks. More information below.

Let’s talk about hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation

Active hyperpigmentation (unexplained darkening) or active hypopigmentation (lightening) is a skin response that can cause clients anxiety.

However, to the surprise of many, ‘Active’ here means temporary. These dark and light pigmentations can be a normal part of the healing process.

Hyperpigmentation or darkening happens when normal skin cells called melanocytes overproduce melanin in response to triggers, such as UV exposure, trauma, medications, some vitamin deficiencies. While the enzyme that triggers melanin determines our skin, eyes and hair, this discolouration can be regardless of our ethnicity and does not exclude darker skin colour.

When melanocytes produce no melanin, hypopigmentation happens. In the images above, some of the lips have light pink or orange patches. These patches show where all of the melanin has disappeared, while the tattoo is clearly visible in the skin.

Sometimes hyperpigmentation can last for up to 8-12 weeks and in some clients longer. However, in our experience 6-8 weeks appears to be the norm for dark lip neutralisation.

All in all, hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation can be a completely normal process of healing. So, please do not be frightened if they happen to you, but always discuss any concerns, and be prepared to wait it out.

My lips are naturally uneven, can this be fixed with lip blushing?

Lip blushing can definitely help soften and give balance to your lips’ appearance.However, it can only be bladed at 1-2 millimetres from your natural lip contour for the ink to deposit correctly. During your session we will discuss what is realistic to achieve.

Lip Filler I’ve already had my lips injected; can I have lip blushing?

Lip fillers are a great pairing with lip blushing to create and perfect the overall shape.

Before scheduling a lip blushing treatment as a follow up, please wait a minimum of 4 weeks after your injections.

What if I plan on getting fillers, can I still get lip blush?

If you plan to get lip fillers, please book for at least 2 weeks after your initial lip blush session. Then  wait 4 weeks after your lip filler session to book your second lip blush session.

Why do I have to schedule 2 sessions?

Everyone heals differently and at different rates. If your cosmetic tattoo does not heal perfectly the first time, don’t worry!  We can always make necessary adjustments to get them absolutely perfect.

What happens if I need more than 2 sessions?

For returning clients only we have special rates for additional touch-ups. If you have had previous work done somewhere else, you will need to schedule a preliminary lip blushing session with us in order to proceed.

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